Why the Need for Diabetic Socks

3rd Oct 2019

If you’re like most folks, you don’t pay much attention to the type of socks you wear on your feet. As a result, many people who are diagnosed with diabetes are surprised to learn that they need to be more selective with their choice in footwear. Why? We’re glad you asked.

People with diabetes are more susceptible to foot injuries and infection due to toxic levels of sugar in the blood. One of the effects of high blood sugar is nerve damage, or diabetic foot neuropathy, which decreases a person’s ability to feel when a sock or shoe is causing a blister. To make matters worse, diabetes can also cause circulatory problems. This can make it harder for blisters to heal due to restricted blood flow to the ankles and feet.

Luckily, a special type of sock exists for people with diabetes that is specifically designed to keep their feet healthy and comfortable. As you may have guessed by now, these special socks are called “diabetic socks.” Perhaps the most important characteristic of diabetic socks is the non-binding top, which promotes blood flow from the ankles and feet back up to the heart.

How do diabetic socks stay up without the use of an elastic band at the top? Diabetic socks are made of cotton, nylon and spandex. This special blend of fabrics allows the sock to expand and conform to the entire leg, holding up the sock without the use of tight pressure in a concentrated area. Not only is this more comfortable for everyday wear, diabetic socks are also healthier for your feet and legs in the long term.

In addition to having a non-binding top, diabetic socks are also designed with a seamless toe. At Sugar Free Sox, our seamless toe construction is known as “loop toe” and is the best manufacturing technique available to create a seamless feel. The seam is hand finished, flat on the inside so you don’t even know it’s there. This decreases the risk of developing blisters and sores on the feet.

Whether you have neuropathy, circulatory problems, sensitive feet, or just want comfort, diabetic socks are sure to be your new favorite wardrobe staple.