Non-Binding Comfort Socks


Would you wear a rubber band around your legs for years©? That is exactly what you’re doing with regular elastic socks.  Most of the time the sock ring imprint left is ignored and sometimes it is itchy and scratchy.  Doesn’t sound very healthy does it? The effect on leg health is little by little over time.

Non-binding socks are a non-interactive design to allow your circulation to flow at its optimum level unimpeded.

Sugar Free Sox Non-Binding Comfort Socks not only avoid the sock ring imprint, but are super comfortable.  Our uniquely designed maximum flow top has a flat knit panel inside the cuff for a smooth light to the touch feel.  In addition, the material has incredible stretch and toe seam you can’t feel. 

Wear our non-binding socks for six days and then try your old socks.  You will be amazed how tight they feel. 

Make a smart wellness choice to keep your legs looking and feeling good.