Gift Box Sets


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Need a gift idea? Look no further, Give Comfort with a Sugar Free Sox Gift Box. The fun and well-designed socks gift set is great for any occasion.  It includes six pairs of non-binding socks and lined with tissue paper to give a personal touch.  The socks gift box is easy to open and to re-close so you can take a peek or insert a card.

Socks have always been a great gift, but a Sugar Free Sox Gift Box takes it to the next level. A smart wellness choice that includes more fun, comfort and circulation.

The first part of your socks gift set is a chuckle from the Sugar Free Sox name.  The second part of your gift is a week filled with really comfy socks.  The third part of your gift is better circulation and leg wellness.  That is a really fun, thoughtful and useful gift from you!

Start a new tradition, Give Comfort.