Diabetic Socks


Sugar Free Sox Diabetic Socks were born in 2005 out of love when our founder noticed his mother had sock ring imprints around her legs for hours after she took off her socks and nothing on the market was attractive or worked well.

Most diabetic socks look “fuddy-duddy”.  You don’t have to wear ugly socks because you’re having a leg or foot issue.  Sugar Free Sox offers classic styling with our uniquely designed maximum flow top that has a flat knit panel inside the cuff for a smooth light to the touch feel.  The seamless toe and big stretch fabric add to the all-day comfort.

Everyone should be wearing a non-binding sock, AKA diabetic sock.  Matter of fact many of our customers are not diabetic and just seeking comfort or to keep their legs looking and feeling good.

Ditch the sock ring imprint and enjoy better comfort and circulation with stylish diabetic socks from Sugar Free Sox.