Women's Socks


Sugar Free Sox women's diabetic compression socks are designed to keep your legs looking and feeling good.

The socks you choose to wear is a wellness choice.

Would you wear a rubber band around your legs for years©? That is exactly what you’re doing with regular elastic socks. Most of the time the sock ring imprint left is ignored and sometimes it is itchy and scratchy. Doesn’t sound very healthy does it? The effect is little by little over time.

Non-binding ladies' compression socks are a non-interactive design to allow your circulation to flow at its optimum level unimpeded and avoid the sock ring imprint.

We offer a variety of non-binding women’s diabetic crew socks in both our Health & Comfort cotton series and Active Fit cushioned sports socks series. Our non-binding cotton knee high compression socks and women's diabetic ankle socks are also very popular items.

Ditch the sock ring imprint and enjoy better comfort and circulation with Sugar Free Sox non-binding women's socks.