Tips for Preventing Golf Injuries

Golf may not be considered a high impact sport, but that doesn’t mean your feet and ankles don’t take a fair amount of abuse over a four-hour round. Walking on uneven lies and the torque action of your swing, for example, can really take a toll on your body whether you feel the effects immediately or not. Luckily, there are some steps you can take now to prevent a serious injury from crippling your golf game later in the season.

The first step towards alleviating unnecessary stress and reducing fatigue after your golf game is as simple as paying attention to your footwear – and we’re not just talking about your shoes. Compression socks help prevent injury by increasing blood circulation by as much as 30 percent. How do they work? When used correctly, compression socks promote blood flow to the area being compressed at a faster rate than normal. This allows the surrounding muscles to work better, harder, and healthier.

Another way to prevent golf injuries is a little bit old fashioned but important nonetheless. Before your round of golf, take a few minutes to do some simple stretches. Warming up your shoulders, back, and legs will improve your game and help you stay healthy in the long term. Along the same lines, be sure to stay hydrated to keep your joints and spine lubricated. Drinking enough water before, during, and after your game helps remove the accumulation of acid waste in the joints, which can cause inflammation and pain.

What you put on your body and what you put in your body are both important for preventing golf injuries. Running Compression Socks help stabilize your muscles, keep swelling down, and increase oxygen flow to your ankles and feet. Additionally, taking the time to stretch before your game and staying hydrated throughout the day can help prevent back pain and joint pain, including various forms of arthritis. By taking these simple precautions before you hit the green, you’ll be setting yourself up for a successful, injury-free golf season ahead.