Benefits of Edema Socks


Edema is an easy condition to identify and is distinguished by swollen, fluid filled interstitial spaces that create obvious swelling to the affected area. For many patients, edema itself is not all that painful, but it can lead to other painful conditions and can be the symptom of other serious health issues including kidney or liver disease, allergies, drug abuse or a neuromuscular disease.
There are two sock solutions available to battle Edema swelling.

Solution 1, Non-binding socks or Diabetic Socks

Normal socks have elastic in the top, diabetic socks do not. This approach helps the circulation by reducing constriction of blood flow, lessening the pressure on the swollen area reduces the pain. Sugar Free Sox diabetic socks are ideal Edema socks with the big fabric stretch and non-binding top and can be worn for long periods of time.

Solution 2, Compression Socks

Compression socks work opposite of the diabetic socks in approach. They are made to apply pressure to the leg to help move the fluid, reducing swelling. Compression socks are very effective, give yourself some time to adjust using them if you have ne

ver worn them before.

We suggest you try both types to see which will work best for you. Often people are suppose to wear compression socks, but don't because they do not like how tight they can be. If this is you, use the diabetic socks to avoid further constriction.