Men's Socks


Sugar Free Sox men's diabetic compression socks incorporate classic styling with all day comfort.

The socks you choose to wear is a wellness choice. Our men's non-binding socks helps keeping your legs looking and feeling good with better circulation and comfort.

Would you wear a rubber band around your legs for years©? That is exactly what you’re doing with regular elastic socks. Most of the time the sock ring imprint left is ignored and sometimes it is itchy and scratchy. Doesn’t sound very healthy does it? The effect is little by little over time.

Use our Health & Comfort series men’s cotton dress socks to look sharp and the Active Fit cushioned men's sports socks series when you’re on the move or relaxing around the house.

Wear our non-binding diabetic socks for six days and then try your old socks. You will be amazed how tight our men's circulation socks feel.

We’re on a mission to deliver Comfort for All!