Neuropathy Socks


Neuropathy Socks
Are you experiencing any of these symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy in the feet or lower legs?

  • Numbness in toes
    • Tingling toes
    • Tingling spreads up into the feet
    • Phantom sock sensation of wearing socks when you know you're not
    • Burning or freezing sensation
    • Night time toes and feet may throb
    • Erratic nerve pains shooting through foot and leg
    • Sweaty feet and toes
    • Sensitive touch to skin
    • A loss of sensitivity on bottoms of feet
    • Loss of balance or coordination
    • Walking or standing is difficult
  • Neuropathy socks are the same design as diabetic socks, you can also look for terms such as comfort socks or some travel socks that would have the features you are seeking. Be sure that you are choosing a non-binding sock. Avoid products that indicate a compression feature.

    When buying socks consider two key sock features for your condition. Look for socks that have a seam free or smooth toe, this will avoid irritation and blisters with your sensitivity. You also need a non-binding sock top, this will help reduce pressure on the leg and avoid the sock ring imprints. Sugar Free Sox have these features as well as a specially designed big stretch fabric allowing the socks to expand further than a regular sock.